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Silicone Door Gaskets

S.V. Bio Polymers Pvt.Ltd, offers a wide range of Silicone Extruded Door Gaskets in infinite shapes & Sizes. ( In round, square, rectangle & other profiles.

Our Extruded Door Gaskets which are made from Silicone Rubber which can easily withstands a temperature range of -80° C to +250°C & complies for food and pharma applications.

Extruded Gaskets are available in square, rectangle, Round, 'G' Type, 'E' Type, 'O' Type, 'P' Type, & other infinite shapes with or without hollow. WE manufacture these Gaskets in any colour as per customer's requirement. Extruded door gaskets are available in sizes from 0.3 mm to 110mm.

Extruded gaskets are manufactured continuous curing system which ensures accurate dimensional properties, shiny surface finishes.

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