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FBD Inflatable Gaskets

For Fluid Bed Dryer Processes, Sterlisers, Autoclaves (Available in Transparent Silicone Rubber & White Food Grade Neoprene Rubber

FBD Inflatable Gaskets are manufactured using Neoprene Rubber /Transparent Silicone Rubber. These gaskets are inflated by 6-10mm when 4 Kg pressure is applied in Silicone rubber and inflated by 2 Kg pressure in case of Neoprene rubber.

We at S.V. Bio Polymers manufacture Silicone Inflatable Gaskets for use in Pharmaceutical Industries. We also manufacture F.B.D gaskets according to customer specifications

The quality and craftsmanship of our inflatable gaskets are at Par with international standards & Tolerances. We also manufacture Inflatable Gaskets in White Neoprene Rubber.

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